Research Areas


Acoustics - photograph by Helena Dolby

Key Contact: Kirill Horoshenkov

Acoustic (sound) waves provide an excellent opportunity to measure non-invasively the conditions of structures and physical nature of processes which are too complex to examine visually or with other traditional means. Sound waves propagate in spaces which are difficult or impossible to access and in which radio-frequency or light waves struggle to propagate. Good examples for the application of sound waves are measurement of the conditions of buried pipes, in turbulent flows and of nano-porous structures. 

The group has an excellent set of complimentary expertise in theoretical, conmputational and experimental acoustics, signal processing and sensor design. Current research activities include the development of new acoustic sensors for the water industry, novel materials for noise control and meta-material structures with unusual acoustical properties. The group has an excellent track record in working with non-academic partners on the dissemination and commercialisation of the results of their acoustics-related research.