Haval Asker

I had graduated with a B.Sc. in Applied mechanics in 1999 from Al-Mustansiriya University and had a M.Sc. degree in applied mechanics from the University of Baghdad in 2002.I have joined the academia at the University of Duhok in 2003 till the present. Currently, I am pursuing my PhD degree at the University of Sheffield. 

Research interests

I am interested in stress analysis, numerical analyses and currently my research interest is to study the damping (vibration control) from frictional metal stranded structures.

Current research

I have been working for the last three years on mathematical models to describe the frictional behaviour of metallic multi-strand systems with different strand shapes and sizes. This work was followed by numerical analyses (FE package) and experimental tests to verify the modelling work. The aim is to be able to optimise a metallic multi-stranded system where the damping obtained from the dry friction that the mating strands experience during a flexural loading.

 Test on multi-strand beam under flexural loading

Test on multi-strand bar experiencing bending 

Some numerical models.

A comparison of mathematical, numerically and experimentally obtained force-displacement relationship (hysteresis loop) for a seven-strand bar.



  • Stiffness and loss factor of unbonded, multi-strand beams under flexural deformation, International conference on engineering vibration 2015 11, 1518-1529.
  • Mathematical and numerical evaluation of the damping behaviour for a multi-strand bar, 6th European conference on structural control-EACS 2016 6, 1-10.